Don't be fooled by the nice cover for this is a horror.
Don’t be fooled by the nice cover for this is a horror.

Never Let Me Go makes you wonder why Kathy H, Tommy D and Ruth didn’t just escape and live a life that’s rightfully theirs, keeping kidneys they rightfully own. Is it because they have integrity and pride (of the fact that they’re excellent keepers of organs)? Surely, obedience is not the moral lesson being peddled here because if surrendering to the system is this horrific dystopia’s virtue, then shucks. Is it a golden metaphor for How Life Is, the life that you, me and we have is actually like Kathy, Tommy and Ruth’s? The kind where we are all of us in a system and there are ways to get out of it because as most of us are aware the world is large with hideouts and escapes, but that there are rules to be followed, words to be kept and most importantly, cares to be given, but we stay and wait ’til we ‘complete’. I have a feeling, and it’s quite strong,¬†Kazuo Ishiguro¬†doesn’t want to share his and our world’s specifics which is how it remains mysterious, shitty, pretty, worth living, blah blah blah.