Coco Fluff


I don’t understand Chuck Klosterman’s need to call In Utero a bad album because it’s not. Maybe I misread his feelings about the album but I’m sure he made clear claims about it being a bad album. If not, okay! But as a bonus here are some Chuck Klosterman thoughts for you:

I’ve been a fan of CK’s work for such a long time. I was hypnotized by his loopy thoughts on pop culture and most especially his rock things that I failed to see how annoying he can be. I mean, have you read Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs lately? Tell me that’s not one of the most irritating, pa-profound, hippie book you’ve ever read. Regardless, I love Killing Yourself to Live with a passion (that kind that drove me to recommend the book to my Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown-loving brother. I know, I know!) and no amount of Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs recent realizations will diminish the love. It is through CK too that I had my first taste of in-depth Britney Spears analysis that I feel I have a need for. Sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of Chuck Klosterman’s pop culture philosophizing. Sometimes I get the feeling of ‘whatever he’s sniffing, I want to be having’. I have a stormy relationship with him, it’s safe to say.