Coco Fluff


I don’t understand Chuck Klosterman’s need to call In Utero a bad album because it’s not. Maybe I misread his feelings about the album but I’m sure he made clear claims about it being a bad album. If not, okay! But as a bonus here are some Chuck Klosterman thoughts for you:

I’ve been a fan of CK’s work for such a long time. I was hypnotized by his loopy thoughts on pop culture and most especially his rock things that I failed to see how annoying he can be. I mean, have you read Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs lately? Tell me that’s not one of the most irritating, pa-profound, hippie book you’ve ever read. Regardless, I love Killing Yourself to Live with a passion (that kind that drove me to recommend the book to my Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown-loving brother. I know, I know!) and no amount of Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs recent realizations will diminish the love. It is through CK too that I had my first taste of in-depth Britney Spears analysis that I feel I have a need for. Sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of Chuck Klosterman’s pop culture philosophizing. Sometimes I get the feeling of ‘whatever he’s sniffing, I want to be having’. I have a stormy relationship with him, it’s safe to say.

Guilty as Charged!

If you’ve spent any time trolling the blogosphere, you’ve probably noticed a peculiar literary trend: the pervasive habit of writers inexplicably placing exclamation points at the end of otherwise unremarkable sentences. Sort of like this! This is done to suggest an ironic detachment from the writing of an expository sentence! It’s supposed to signify that the writer is self-aware! And this is idiotic. It’s the saddest kind of failure.

-Chuck Klosterman, Eating the Dinosaur