Meek is weak

Why meekness never works for me:

1. I end up getting the worst stylist in the salon. Yung tipong mabagal maggupit kung bading yung stylist, or mabaho kamay kung barberong straight. The situation varies. Pwedeng mamadaliin ka since muka kang totoy or kung bading, chichikahin ka nang walang humpay, lalo na kung nagmamadali ka.  The fastest way to a man’s pocket is through his ego.

2. I just lost my phone last month in a restaurant where I usually eat. I left the stupid phone for 5 minutes and it’s gone. I KNOW it’s the waiter who stole it, I smelled it from the way he told me ‘Wala po akong nakita sir.’ Sinungaling amputa. If I were a bigger person, I could have scared him, he would have never attempted to steal my phone. Or maybe not, but it never hurts to be bigger. It’s Just A Phone, I know.

3. I get the feeling sometimes that people don’t take me seriously. 😦 Ok lang naman. There are pros and cons to that. If they don’t take me seriously, edi wag.

4. I get approached by marketers of all sorts of products: insurance, credit card, condo. Lahat naman inaapproach for those things kahit mukang macho. But I have a story.

I went to Megamall one time. Bibang girl approaches me and asks if I have a credit card. I told her yes, she says ok, you get a free movie pass blah blah, don’t worry we won’t sell you anything, said like those annoying UNICEF people in underpasses, except this girl is in MEGA MALL, so she told me that seemingly reassuring line in such a.. Megamall marketer kind of way. Sorry if that smacks of arrogance, it’s just that what I’m implying about Megamall’s level of sophistication is the truth. Not that I’m the height of classiness myself.

So I went along with it and I let their agents convince me to attend a session which I have no doubt in my being, is going to be a pyramid scheme bullshit or insurance sales pitch.

I got duped by her because she was so good in her job. She got me to sit chat with an insurance agent all because I was convinced I was receiving free movie passes. She appealed to my, I don’t know which thing it is someone appeals to if someone needs to sell someone something, but she did appeal to that. She asked me where I studied, then she asked me if I’m Chinese since I have Chinese eyes. She then asked me where I work, dropped another flattering remark, and then she tried to drop all these bullshit remarks that I got so charmed by her it became impossible to walk away from it all because I was won over.

5. Taxi drivers take you for a fool. For a fool! Actually you don’t have to be meek to be victimized by these vicious creatures BUT imagine if you look and act meek, how much more vicious they would be.

6. Waiters ignore you. Unless you look like a Daddy, a Tito or a sosyal person with his friends, TGIF hoes and their ilk won’t bother with you, middle class-looking, unassuming person since you’re likely going to order Chicken Fingers lang! It doesn’t happen all the time though. Thank God!

Sometimes it pains me to consume luxurious things but it’s December, it’s desire month. Consume disappointment consume disappointment consume desire, round and round it goes!

7. Salespeople, those whose help you actually need, look annoyed when you ask for help.

This is maybe why I’m occasionally arrogant to call center people, because I can’t be seen and they can’t tell from my voice if it’s a huge person or a small person with a huge complaint.

8 thoughts on “Meek is weak

  1. So what do you propose to do about it, then? It can be a habit, that weak meekness you were referring to, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. But then I read somewhere that it’s a full pledged habit when you’re still at it by the time you’re 40. Mark Twain. So let me give you a tip, Pat: keep saying “FUCK YOU” in your head when the occasion presents itself. It will reflect in your eyes and in some body language. And then we can go from there.

    Or you should start learning how to pray those damaging prayers. I have a hymnbook you can use.

    Oi, Pat, shat tayo sa Friday, December 17, 2010. Dito sa amin sa Pasig? I already invited Glen. He’s a sad wreck now; I suppose he can use the distraction. And as for you, Pat, we should hang out.

    Please let me know if you’re interested. Please tell me you can go, Pat. Email mo na lang ako if you want —


  2. “Consume disappointment consume disappointment consume desire, round and round it goes!”

    -Hear, hear. I guess it’s a good thing we really don’t celebrate Christmas in our house so this vicious cycle is kind of a year-round thing for me. Hehe.

    One other thing, I really don’t think you’re boring, judging from the way you write. I do know those are two entirely different things but maybe you just need some practice. So let’s join Momel’s partey on Friday! 🙂


  3. Momel, I have no intention of keeping up the meek aura until the age of 40. It’s just hard to balance arrogance, aggression and assertiveness. I say FU with my eyes too I just don’t know if it’s convincing.

    I’d love to go on a drinking binge (binge talaga, hindi pa-sweety na inuman? hehe!) with you and company but I have to be somewhere! Some other Friday kaya?!

    Aris, you must be INC or muslim? Re i’m boring, I can’t really know, I guess it depends on the people. I hope you find it in your hearts to do hold another inuman session since I really can’t make it on that date.:(


  4. you may be meek but hindi ka boring, pat.

    in fact, you are quirky. and sometimes even mysterious (uy!).

    kaya don’t sweat it and just be you. (go team pat!)


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