Anti-Social Network

Here is this movie, trying to tell us that we are Mark Zuckerberg’s sheep that he has effortlessly been shepherding into a life of inactivity, subjecting us to an all-consuming leisure, and not a significant number of us think to quit it. It could also be trying to say that Zuckerberg truly deserves the billions, for he, too, is just like us, and geniuses like him are perfect magnifications of the belief that people who are smart and cunning are the ones most likely to become billionaires no matter how sarcastic, plastic and morally bankrupt they are. After all, it shows how easily he’s beaten his former partners and would have been business associates, Eduardo Saverin and the beautiful Winklevoss twin in the battle for billions. It gets the idea of greed and cunning so precisely and with such perfect soundtrack.

What triumphs though is the idea that Facebook is a product of a devious mind, the powers of which are felt the world over. Someone says in the film, perhaps meant as a joke, that even Indonesia has Facebook, which of course doesn’t make sense as a joke since Indonesia is fine, it’s a country that wouldn’t look like they’d treat Facebook as a disease or a product that should be avoided. So strong and so alluring is Facebook that attempts to get out of it by people who may have had ‘I will quit FB’ reactions to the film may as well have been saying equally false pronouncements as ‘I will lessen my Facebook face time as a form of protest’. There is simply no quitting it.

People who never felt compelled to join Facebook, those who never thought to be herded into any social networking site, those who even go so far as to vow not to watch the film because they’re not into Facebook (which is like saying I won’t watch disaster films because I’m not into disasters, kind of), however, will be even harder to coerce to sign up for it, thanks to Jesse Eisenberg’s unforgettable portrayal of Zuckerberg.

The rest will remain Facebookers because such is the power of our intellectual superiors that we gladly consume products of their greed and contempt. Obviously not all intelligent persons are responsible for the world’s ills, obviously. In the case of the productivity-reducing, social interaction bastardizing force of nature that is Facebook, it only took one mind, maybe along with three or four others, but just only one that altered the way we make people rich nowadays.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Social Network

  1. I joined Facebook only to endorse my blog. I found out, later on, that it’s a nice place to call people stupid. Wonderfully written review, thank you very much, although you could have paid attention to the word count. What am I saying? I tend to get wordy myself, most especially when I’m possessed by what I’m currently writing about. Pat, I can feel it got to you, this movie, that you can’t get to writing all those explosions of clever lines.

    And Tim Yap being mentioned in the same breath as Imelda Marcos and Henry Sy, that is unprecedented and should be subject to an amendment.


  2. I think you were referring to Bosnia. It was Mark’s lawyer, or co-lawyer, since she’s an associate of the firm Mark hired. Mark said something like he was checking what’s happening in Bosnia, and the woman says like, They don’t have roads in Bosnia, but they have Facebook, in an I-don’t-believe-it-but-better-do kind of tone. Another line to ham the connectivity thing in. Anyway, that lawyer is played by Rashida Jones, ex-gf I think of Mark Ronson.


  3. momel, does it always feel cramped? i have a hard time telling if i got everything in or if there’s too much already but mostly i just don’t mind length. i liked it enough but i thought giving it much thought outside of its being a college movie with better acting and dialogue than most teen films is not wise, so i’m staying in facebook never mind if the people involved in it are creeps and anyway we don’t matter to them. 🙂

    jayclops, yes, bosnia, which is weirder since bosnia’s in europe and europe’s mostly 1st world. i like mark ronson. i might buy record collection. version was nice.


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