Mariah Carey and Jeff Buckley were in a tent together once

Once upon a time, two great artists were in the same room (or tent) together. The late great Jeff Buckley was in a Sony sponsored event to sing a Led Zeppelin song. Mariah Carey, for some reason (but reason is probably that she was a Sony artist herself and married to the Sony big boss Tommy Mottola), was in the same event, looking plain and undiva like. I’m excited by this, that Mariah got to see Jeff Buckley perform, a male diva himself (voice-wise) once upon a time. It’s not everyday you get to hear about Jeff Buckley and Mariah Carey mentioned in the same thought together. Not that it would have been possible that the two would have performed or recorded a song at the time, in the 90s but wouldn’t that have been something, Mariah and Jeff Buckley in a song together? It was probably wishful thinking even then when Buckley was still alive but just the thought of that sends shivers. And speaking of would have been great duets, how big a loss is it that Mariah and Tupac never got to record anything, because you know she would get all living rap artists to sing a song with her. But she and Jeff Buckley, that would have been something.  You never hear her pay homage to artists outside her pop/r&b genre, it’s always been the Aretha Franklins, the Diana Rosses, the Minnie Rippertons and on some level the Whitney Houstons, but she and Jeff Buckley although understandably inconceivable to some, their inhuman vocal capacities share the same dynamics. But okay, she probably didn’t listen much to rock so maybe she never even got to know about him until that fateful day in that tent. They probably didn’t even speak. I’m dying to know what she thought of him. Mariah, please leave a comment, please?

4 thoughts on “Mariah Carey and Jeff Buckley were in a tent together once

  1. I am a huge Carey fan and I love Buckley as well. It would have been a fantastic record if they did a song together – great voice, great tone and out of this world range. It would’ve been something.


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