Style is the new substance

Rob Marshall’s Nine finally arrives. In the stalls of Makati Cinema Square. I’ve been youtubing Kate Hudson’s Cinema Italiano since last year and it’s twice as gorgeous in pirated DVD. I loved the black and white, I loved the play of light. I loved the lingerie display, the slutty Penelope, even the fat cheeks of Kate Hudson who I have newfound respect for. The cabana beats, the sassy singing, all the sashaying made me want to become a dancer like Kate Hudson and the guys in suits and shades and to some extent, Penelope, who vamps the hell out of Call from the Vatican. Rob Marshall gets a beating for being too flashy, too stylish, too out there, because really, what good are Oscar winning actors in a musical if they can’t sing. Apparently, they mean a lot. Cinema Italiano is no Cell Block Tango but what a gorgeous, gorgeous movie this is.

4 thoughts on “Style is the new substance

  1. i don’t like it. it’s messy and overblown, but i guess that’s when they want to make a point on fashion. there was no real core to it. penelope was the saving grace and marion too. but still it crumbles.


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