Familiar Alien

To hear something familiar, I listen to Tori Amos’ Abnormally Attracted to Sin. She brings me back to an unforgettable period a few years ago. I don’t know how I even got to like Tori during my barista days, how her songs are all I ever played in my discman that I was  carrying around during shifts. I don’t know how From the Choirgirl Hotel, an album that is  mostly about her miscarriage could sound so good to me. It could be a plain fascination for the sounds she used to make. From Spark to finish, I loved it. Maybe it doesn’t have a big fat meaning, my liking it at the time but it was a significant part of my barista soundtrack. Maybe I was influenced by my coffee shop with the very classy muzak. It is after all where I got acquainted with The Weepies, The Guggenheim Grotto, Spinto Band and Elliott Smith.

And so thank God for those songs and artists that reminded me of those days because I can not feel anything with Abnormally Attracted to Sin. I really liked the sounds here the first time I listened to it. I liked Welcome to England a lot and I was more or less accurate in my prediction of how she’s going to sound in here. I’m fairly ignorant in the language of music so by sound I mean the ones she used to make circa To Venus & Back. Remember Bliss, Concertina and Datura? Those were good. AATS serves as a reminder of that era. Venus was nothing like I’ve heard before, and I listen to this and I get nothing. It must be the length because at 17 tracks, it’s a bit of a chore to listen and I’m in an album hog mode. I acquire music almost every other day. I acquire and acquire that the hard disk/CD shelf space are all but cramped and old friends such as Tori get pushed in the background. Or it could be that nothing remotely interesting is happening right now with which to need a soundtrack.

In consuming Tori Amos music, do we need bit of a drama? Lyrics from previous albums provided timeless but just for me lines such as ‘If the divine master plan is perfection, maybe next I’ll give Judas a try’ or ‘So don’t give me respect, don’t give me a piece of your preciousness’. I don’t know about anybody else but these lyrics went well with coffee.

I think it might be the insatiability for new albums that snuffed whatever interest I may have had on this. In the future, when I can’t enjoy anything any more from any of my divas, Abnormally Attracted to Sin might serve as a reminder of when I hogged but only half-consumed. Or someone must order Miss Amos to come back to Planet Earth and sing her alien lyrics but once familiar music.

3 thoughts on “Familiar Alien

  1. the waitress comes to mind:

    ‘so I want to kill this waitress
    she’s worked here a year longer than I
    if I did it fast you know that’s an act of kindness’

    nobody does demented pathos like ms. amos.


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