Smell This



Patrick Suskind has described lots good and bad in this murder fairy-tale thriller. This Story of a Murderer isn’t so much a story of a killer as it is a guide book for smells you didn’t know existed. You know some of them but Suskind gave names and phrases to these smells. I didn’t care for the more pleasant smells such as lavender, rose oil and chamomile but am truly delighted to read about such smells as anal sweat, crotch fume and scalp scent. I forgot about most of these vividly described smells but they lingered in my odor-loving mind. Anal-sweat. Finally, I know what it’s called now.

Imagine being so great and so skilled in the act of smelling that you’re able to produce the best perfume France, and probably the world has ever known. Wouldn’t you throw yourselves at that person’s feet? I would. The French people did and with reason. Jean Baptiste, at the mercy of the French court had made the last and greatest smell and used it on himself not exactly in hopes of being acquitted but what happens instead is too good to spoil. He was let go by the court, yes but also, something else. The people of France engaged in a massive orgy, aAnd as with most orgies in fiction, the pope had to be involved. I have yet to read Patrick Suskind’s other books but if Perfume is any indication, his other works must smell really good too.

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