Happy Blair Witch Project Soundtrack Day


It is supposed to be Independence Day today, but independence didn’t really happen on June 12. The actual date of independence is July 4. The Macapagal bastards keep screwing with our national holidays.

You can celebrate this non-independence day by commemorating another non-event that happened on June 12, 1994, which is that supposed Blair Witch victim Joshua Leonard, had his mix tape released by his family. The soundtrack to the Blair Witch Project is a work of true marketing and musical genius. Called ‘Josh’s Blair Witch Mix’, the CD is a cool mix of eerie sounds and industrial rock (I’m making this up), perfect for whatever non-event you might wish to celebrate. Afghan Whigs, Type O Negative, Bauhaus and Lydia Lunch are some of the geniuses who contributed. This soundtrack, supposedly culled from ‘student filmmaker’ Josh’s mix tape, is hokey but it works. I like it and that’s all that matters. The Blair Witch Project movie and soundtrack are both convincing charades. Philippine Independence Day is not.

2 thoughts on “Happy Blair Witch Project Soundtrack Day

  1. I’ve never been a fan of this national holiday, even if we get to have an extra rest day each year. We are not free men. And we’re certainly not independent.


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