Like any pretentious moviegoer, I usually insist on seeing Oscar-nominated films as if I’m preparing to have random discussions about them with a fellow pretentious moviegoer. I don’t jump into any opportunity to discuss anything and I am almost incapable of contributing anything useful to any conversation, which is why I mouth words most of the time. So no, I don’t choose to see Oscar-nominated movies because I want to discuss them. It’s that there are less people who want to see them, which means more space to stretch out in the cinema.

Juno is probably the most appropriate movie for me to see this Oscar season because it’s very cute. I think the writing has a lot to answer for whatever negative was said about it, but it’s just too charming. Every character sounds like someone off of an Oscar Wilde creation. It’s a funny film and you really wouldn’t mind JK Simmons, Allison Janney and Ellen Page throwing off ultra-witty lines that occasionally felt like sitcom dialogue. Jennifer Garner, who did not make much of a splash equaled Juno, cuteness-wise. As for the soundtrack, I’ll buy it.

I’ve never cared much for the artsy, Oscar-nominated films such as In the Bedroom, Traffic, Gosford Park, and The Pianist, movies that are smart, but I may have given the impression that I loved them simply because I was able to follow the stories. I don’t scramble now to see There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, and all the other Oscar nominees and I’m sure they’re all great but their distributors are hoes who don’t trust people enough to have the good sense to screen them on more theaters so that more people can pretend to want to see them. But there’s no way I would have missed Juno. And I don’t pretend to like it. Even if it is Oscar nominated. And that’s more than I can say for the rest of the nominees.

4 thoughts on “Juno

  1. I havent seen ‘There Will Be Blood’ yet….. but ill definitely watch it (nominated or not man sya sa Oscars) because of its director’s previous works such as, one of my all-time fave, ‘Magnolia’.

    I watched ‘Away From Her’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’ on DVD just to compare Julie Christie from Marion Cotillard. Im crazy about acting performances kasi. The French actress got my vote. Miles ahead to Julie’s Alzheimer’s.

    and yep, I think you’ll enjoy Juno as much as I did.


  2. the Juno soundtrack was playing when i hopped on your site. am planning to watch it later or tomorrow… i’m expecting much from Ellen Page since i like her in Hard Candy. 🙂


  3. just like the title of this post, i’ll definitely try my best not to be one. 🙂

    i’m not keen on watching oscar-nominated movies. no sunday marathons of gladiator-braveheart-amadeus, nor late night discussions as to why brokeback lost to crash or whatever. i think it is very doubtful to trust a critic’s viewpoint, especially when the critic’s favorite movie is one that stars reese witherspoon.

    and no, its not walk the line. 🙂


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