I smoked my first yosi for the year. I wasn’t going to but what the hell am I supposed to answer to ‘Do you want to smoke?’ in a very non-busy working day but ‘Yes.’ Work is really undemanding lately that some girl noticed how I’d always be the first to brew the morning’s coffee, which I took as a sign of romantic interest, but which I later realized could be her way of ridiculing me, the 15th floor coffee fiend. Either way, I’m very sure there was no romance involved.

I committed my first offense of the year. I have been a very punctual trabahador in the last couple of days but mainly I was motivated to finish printing the unpublished JD Salinger stories, with about 500 pages. This being a rich corporation, I didn’t think anybody would mind if the printer ran out of ink or toner or paper. It takes skill to pretend to be busy. My workplace is truly nice.

I cannot get over the first book I re-read this year. The Virgin Suicides (Jeffrey Eugenides) has all the elements of a good book. I’m not really sure what elements are needed to qualify any book as good. Lux Lisbon and Trip Fontaine are probably two of the most fascinating literary character names of the last decade. Either that or I haven’t been reading much. If I would ever have kids, I’d name them Lux and/or Trip.

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  1. Well well well. First yosi of the year. Last January 2 was my first & last for the meantime, after like a whole 3 weeks of not doing so. Sadly, eating has replaced the yosi, which sucks.

    I think I’m the one who’s confused by you. Errr.. geddit? ;p

    I wanna read The Virgin Suicides. I haven’t watched the movie because I always have this policy of “read the book first before movie” but don’t usually abide by it hahaha.


  2. my new year’s resolution? no more yosi, unhealthy eating, indiscriminate drinking, reckless decision-making, and unprotected sex.

    i was bluffing regarding the last 2 words. as i’m really not getting any.

    hmmm, basketball. 🙂 i’m titillated.

    a prosperous new year pat. 🙂


  3. juice, read the book. read it.

    ruff, scratch out reckless decision-making from your resolutions and then maybe you’d get some. happy new year too.

    empress, teynks.

    momel, that sucks. quit now.


  4. well. well. well.

    a sentence to justify why i didn’t comment in the last post (not that it really matters): ____________.

    and here. here, mr tiborcia, you seem to be having a change of heart? so will it actually be the girl across the street, the secretary eyeing you all the time or the boy you’re playing basketball with WHO will be the next Pat’s love interest?

    so many choices, only one penis.


  5. Because I love and value you, I say:

    a) I just got tired of jessica. yes, she writes well. but…
    b) And jd salinger. ok, he makes people kill people. or people who kill apparently big people read him. so…
    c) And all that.

    This is senseless pero I may have bitten my tongue several times that day when I was reading through your post… so I decided to shut up.


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