There should be a coffee place that’s so secluded that it’s almost unheard of – a coffee shop that looks like it would go out of business because no one is ever around. I could live with maybe 2 or 3 customers who preferrably should have laptops and who are just quietly surfing the net and not making any racket. Kids are ok, but they should be very, very preoccupied with their toys. Otherwise, they’d be gunned down. People who’d speak on the phone should definitely be shot. Especially if their conversation is heard in the whole place. And if the conversation is about a multi-million peso business deal, they should be kicked out. Unless their conversation is for only about 5 minutes. That’ll be okay.

Coupe Coffee Station has very few customers today. I bet they have fewer on other days. This place is situated in a gas station (Petron) and there ought to be hordes of neighborhood kids in here but that’s not the case, so, perfect. This is exactly the kind of place that looks like its owner had a very nice image of it upon conception but which eventually and sorrily turned out to be such a dud. The coffee is good, but people never go to coffee shops for the coffee so I don’t act surprised that there’s hardly anyone around.

The baristas, who are all in the backroom when I entered (and understandably so seeing as there were only 2 customers), are quiet and unobtrusive. They maintain as little interaction as possible. I may not have been here long enough to conclude that they’re going to be as quiet as I’d like them to be but so far, they don’t seem like baristas you would want to strangle. And my fellow peace-loving customers are as quiet as the dead.

The quiet is amazing. Never before had the buzzing of an airconditioning unit sounded so peaceful and magical. For a gas station coffee shop, the place is surprisingly peaceful. But then someone will soon come in and order something ice-blended which would create a terrible noise. You can only hope that these people wouldn’t come in droves. If somebody could just convince them that frappuccinos, delicious as they are, are going to make them unattractively fat, maybe you could get the quiet you long for longer than you deserve. But that’s probably too much to ask for this season.

7 thoughts on “Shh.

  1. I hope this cafe is still open when I go home.

    It reminded me of Java coffee house in Thamel for the goodlooking baristas but teeming with whites on a Sunday morning. (40NR per hour for the use of their wi-fi.)

    Other than that, coffee is still best in the office coz it comes from all other places in the world. And cheaper than Starbucks still.

    Have yourself a hot cup of very good coffee this Christmas!


  2. Hey Patrick! I’ve read your reviews, and they’re good. If you’re interested, I’d like to refer you to Jo Fajardo, former Varsitarian Editorial Board member. She and her peers are coming up with a commercial magazine and they’re looking for writers who’ll do book and movie reviews. I am already part of their erotic fiction section and Jo said mine will be published (no pun intended). You can get my number from Kuya Mark Pasaylo or Songcy Wongkie or just mail me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Ciao! — Chuy


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